Grace Place Womens Alliance

Mission Statement:

The Grace Place Women’s Alliance is a network of community minded women who want to support single mothers and children experiencing homelessness in their struggle for stability and survival.

Members attend two events annually to connect and learn about issues affecting women and children in poverty here in Sumner County, and solutions to improve their future stability and well-being. Members will also enjoy keynote speakers who will educate and inform on numerous topics that pertain to current members’ lives and concerns. Using the power of collective philanthropy, the members’ annual philanthropic contributions are pooled and the entire membership joins in voting which program, project, or needs at Grace Place Ministry, Inc. will be funded. Our focused efforts and achievements will bring hope and restoration to women and children who have felt the devastating effects of isolation from

loved ones, lack of community, and lack of educational resources and skills to develop safe, healthy, and independent lives in our community.

Please consider joining our current members by registering below as a new member of the Grace Place Women’s Alliance. If you need additional information before making a commitment to the group, please call 615-405-1714 or email the alliance here.

If you would like to schedule a tour of Grace Place Ministry, Inc. and learn more about their mission, please call the ministry at 615-881-3976 or email the ministry here.

Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership:  $1,000 annually

Members are asked to donate a minimum of $1,000 annually, which will be pooled with other designated Alliance donations to fulfill our mission!

The requested annual gift can be fulfilled with a one-time gift, a quarterly gift of $250, or a monthly gift of $83.33 with the option of automatic withdrawal from a checking account.

To make your gift via our secure online form, please click here - be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email with your payment.

To use the option of having an automatic withdrawal from your checking account please contact us directly at 615-881-3976.

Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - One Time Gift
Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - One Time Gift
Price: $1,000.00
Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - Quarterly Gift
Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - Quarterly Gift
Price: $250.00
Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - Monthly Gift
Grace Place Women’s Alliance Membership - Monthly Gift
Price: $83.33

Grace Place Womens Alliance Steering Committee

This is the Grace Place Women's Alliance Steering Committee.

Pictured left to right is Caroline Rudy, Barbara Halcomb, Jody Corley, Patricia Woods, and Kathy Odom.