GP in the news!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to update any of our followers on this blog. Grace Place officially began taking families the 3rd week of July, so we’ve been very busy developing routine and structure for daily operations in the ministry. We can’t thank this community enough for the onslaught of support whether through financial contributions, tangible donations, or the willingness to jump in and help by volunteering. This ministry wouldn’t be here if not for you! Today alone, we’ve received many phone calls and affirmation from the community with the release of this article in the Tennessean. It gives a small glimpse of the incredible work God has been doing in the hearts of the people who began this journey a little over two years ago.

Our families at GP are inspiring! Every day we get to see God work in them and we get to witness how crazy the Lord is about every woman and child in this place!

“Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.”

~Psalm 30:2

Housewarming/Donation Drop Off


Dear friends of Grace Place have rallied around this ministry and arranged for a housewarming/donation drop off day! We love this community! See details below!

Housewarming Party — Donation DROP OFF DAY
Saturday, June 20th
Bring the kids and family and walk through this new shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness in Sumner County.
Plan to bring an item to help or a target gift card. Grace Place is registered at target or you can view their updated wish list at Please check this list as it is being updated on this blog to show which items are stlll needed!
Let’s help our community reach many who have fallen through the cracks. This faith based shelter for moms and their children will provide both long term and emergency shelter.
Scheduled to open their doors in just a few weeks it is important to rally to get these household items that the ministry needs.
Can you Help???
615-681-4181 or 615-881-3976

Bringing to life Grace Place Ministry!

The journey of establishing Grace Place Ministry, Inc. began two years ago when two people had a conversation about what could be done to meet a growing need in our community; a need that required long-term assistance with shelter and various forms of training for single mothers and their children who are experiencing homelessness.

Right now, we are in the final stages of remodeling, and we wanted to share some of these moments with all of you!

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